CLINCH IS BACK. We’re here with a new logo, a new website, a new spirit. Clinch collection is now Clinch atelier. What’s in a name?


FAST IS PAST. Plenty of options to turn fabrics and leather from sleeping stocks into beautiful accessories. At our own pace. We believe our products outlast the rhythm of fashion seasons. At CLINCH we commit to not buying new fabrics. We'll use our existing leather stock and only buy from sleeping stocks. This results in small batches and limited colour availability. But we believe this is the right thing to do. We design our products with care so that you can enjoy them for years. We repair your CLINCH products too. Mix & match your timeless CLINCH accessories and make it yours.


OLD BUT GOLD. At CLINCH, we UPCYCLINCH unused and forgotten products, think of old fur coats or vintage handstitched tapestries. All products that are no longer in use can make for a fun challenge to create new accesories. We collect unwanted products and give them a new life. Let’s visit granny, we might find some old napkins or tablecloth to UPCYCLINCH ;-).


CÉLÉBRER LA LIBERTÉ CRÉATIVE. Composing with leather, fabrics, tapestries, denim, threads, words and messages, and forgotten craftsmanswork.
In fact, anything we stumble upon by chance that moves and inspires us. 


All of our unique pieces are handmade in our atelier in Antwerp, they feature as one of a kind pieces or are made in small batches, depending on the the materials we work with. Fun accessories, make it yours!